Infinity Data Center


Infinity Data Center was designed and built to an international standard, with the highest level of redundancy and survivability, and complying with the stringent TIER3 standard.

The room is situated in a protected, secure underground facility in the Infinity Park employment park that provides the room with the entire array of required facilities, as well as round-the-clock support and operational services, with a commitment to a strict and high-quality level of service (SLA), as well as many other services.

The server room was erected in the Infinity Plaza building, at the junction of Road 4 with Road 531 and adjacent to the Raanana-South train station. The Center provides hosting services at the highest international standards, with the highest level of protection and security currently available in Israel.

The room was planned and designed to accommodate about 300 IT data cabinets providing a capacity of about 700 KW in the first phase, with flexibility and scalability for future expansion. The room offers high physical survivability – both due to its underground location and its unique construction characteristics.

The room was designed and built to a level above Tier 3 requirements according to the international standard, in terms both of its electrical system and the level of air conditioning infrastructure, with a redundancy level of 2N. In addition, the electrical rooms, backup power systems, array of batteries, electrical panels, and distribution service are located in separate technical rooms with the highest level of protection. These unique characteristics enable us to provide service at an uncompromising standard, while meeting a strict and high-quality level of service (SLA) of 99.99% per year.
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