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Israel’s first income-producing real estate fund, and still the largest in its field, REIT 1 was established in 2006 by Shmuel Sayad and Dror Gad, and has since recorded impressive growth, establishing a diversified portfolio of high quality properties. The fund currently owns 42 income-producing properties in Israel. Valued at NIS 5 billion and covering a total area of ​​500,000 square meters, these properties include major office, commercial, industrial, and logistics centers, as well as nursing homes and parking lots.


Saan Zahav is one of the leading real estate developers and contractors in Israel. For the past 30 years, the company has developed and constructed a variety of unique projects, including neighborhoods of private houses and residential towers, while also initiating income-producing real estate projects and constructing office and commercial buildings. Saan Zahav meticulously attends to every aspect of planning and implementation for each project, in strict compliance with the highest quality standards. To this end, the company is staffed by the finest planners, engineers, and other professionals, and is proud to offer warm personal service to each and every customer.


Select projects include Infinity Park at Raanana Central Interchange, Kiryat HaTzuran business center in Netanya, and a host of other developments in Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Raanana, Netanya,


Hyland Edgar Driver is made up of a team of creative professionals who believe that (landscape) design is a problem solving tool to be employed, regardless of fashion, for the benefit of the client and user, with experience and enthusiasm. Dream. Design. Deliver.

Landscape Architecture means the design of the outdoor experience at almost every scale. Their work and expertise take them to masterplanning, urban design, resort planning, design coding, planning applications, LVIAs, through to detail design and delivery of landscapes across all sectors. The diversity of the portfolio showcases the capability, flexibility and passion for the human and ecological environment.


MYS Architects, one of Israel’s foremost architectural firms, is known for planning some of the most prominent and important projects nationwide, and has become synonymous with excellence and innovation. The firm’s roots go back to the earliest days of the modern state, and the pioneering spirit of its founders and partners is reflected throughout almost every area of Israel. MYS Architects’ 140 professionals bring an unprecedented reservoir of experience, knowhow, flexible thinking, and creative freshness to each project. It is thanks to their efforts that the firm’s portfolio includes such an impressive roster of award-winning projects that span the length and breadth of Israel, as well as 32 countries worldwide.

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